Charsadda Chappal

Charsadda Chappal – Youth’s Trend

Charsadda Chappal

Charsadda Chappal – Youth’s Trend

Leatheal is providing the innovative inclination in market by keeping the tradition alive. Charsadda chappal is the mainstay of our tradition but no one in the market is equipped to oblige our tradition up to date. Instead of other’s tradition and goods in the market we are keeping our tradition alive modernize to trend to be followed especially by our youth.

Although most of the people don’t find it comfortable buying traditional Peshawari and Charsadda Chappal owing to its high price but still it has not lost market due to its admiration, traditional soft touch and durability because of quality they have been providing for so long. Peshawari Chappals are made from soft leather which is sown onto the rubber tyre sole. The materials are cheap, easily available and very hard wearing. Intricate designs are added to the leather upper before the shoe is put into a mould which stretches it to size.

Peshawar is one the most gorgeous places around the globe, especially when we talk about Pakistan’s northern areas, as a realm we need to promote our ethnicities by keeping trend alive. By keeping all these ideas behind the scenes we – Leatheral – accomplished to produce inimitable group of products to promote the roots of Pakistan’s leather industry.

We are providing the extravagant range of products made of leather, they are handmade and more importantly having soft sole which’s been followed by new market trends. Our products are fairly different because of few factors mentioned below:

  • 100% percent pure leather upper and inner sole
  • Classical tire sole is used to keep the tradition with it
  • Strap and fine quality buckle is used for proper grip and to make your feet comfortable
  • Comfortable to wear in daily routine and formal gatherings
  • Breathable design to keep your feet fresh

These stated traits are the unique selling points for our products. We are providing unadulterated handmade leather products to please youth by keeping our folklore alive. People of all eternities are the target market of Leatheral, which is unique for such an imminent and rising brand name. We also having pure traditional products of Peshawar to engage the market.

Our youth is not following tradition just because they need variation and market is not providing that obligatory change, instead of providing that change market is following other up to that changes, in result we have been leaking behind our tradition.

So, leatheral persuaded the clienteles to have faith in our ritual and make them to follow that trend of having your tradition up to date. Our products are unique because of promised quality and better CRM, which would differentiate our brand from others regarding online selling.


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