How we manufacture designs and works with HANDMADE

Pure Leather Material

Leatheral is committed to manufacture products by high quality leather. We are maintaining customer’s standards as well as products quality.

Customer Oriented Quality Products

Leatheral is looking to entertain the customers according to the need of the trend and allowing customers to make trends with our products.

Keeping Tradition Alive

Leatheral is keeping the quality tradition alive, as market is not that much quality oriented but we are keeping quality as well as tradition alive.

Customer Relationship Management

Leatheral is promising the quality required by customers and also leading the better relationship with customers as Try and Buy Policy.

Leatheral’s dedication to make it possible

” Wear your Imagination”

Leatheral pays attention to maintain the quality and customer's expectation in a budget we all love to make decisions.


In our design process, we tend to make unique products to be a trend setter by maintaining quality standards.


Our creative ideas are being held by our beloved customers and new things are being accepted by the market.


Leatheral have the team to deliver the quality required by the customers more effectively and efficiently.


Our fast and efficient delivery is one of our unique point as we have try and buy policy as well to maintain customer’s trust.